Love not so Foreign

Our Adoption Journey

My husband and I discussed adopting from my home country before we even married. Life has a funny way of sweeping you off your feet though, 9 years goes by like nothing. We remembered our dream though and looked up adoption out of curiosity. That is when we found Frontier Horizon and discovered the idea of hosting. 

Long story short we found Vlada and Vanya and fell in love with a picture and video clip.

We have plenty of excuses, but decided to ignore them all.

So here we are raising money so we can bring these precious children here for the summer. We want to give them the opportunity to experiance a summer of love and care, and decide for themselves if they want to spend the rest of their lives with us. 

We need help to make this happen! Please visit our GoFundMe and help us. We so badly want to show Vlada and Vanya what a loving family is like, but the financial hurdle is impossible for us alone. 

For current updates on our progress and story, you can visit our facebook page "Love not so Foreign

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